The Power of Prayer: God hears the cries of His Believers

By Pastor Denis Osarinmwian.


For His Believers, God is the ultimate source of support and encouragement. Prayer is an act of faith that enables us to interact with God and rely on Him for strength and direction. We can pour out our hearts and souls to God in prayer, trusting that He hears us and is prepared to answer our requests. We’ll discuss the effectiveness of prayer and how God responds to the pleas of His followers in this blog post.


What is prayer?

Prayer is a private conversation between a person and God that is intended to bring comfort, strength, and peace. We are able to communicate our wants, feelings, and thoughts to the All-Powerful through this potent method. Prayer is an expression of our love for God and of our recognition of His omnipotence. Numerous examples of prayer are found in the Bible, beginning with Adam and Eve, the first married couple. Characters like David, Abraham, Moses, and Elijah can all be seen fervently praying to God. Even though Paul was imprisoned when he penned his letter to the Ephesians, he prayed to convey his gratitude for God’s love and mercy.

Any believer’s connection with God has always included prayer. Through prayer, we can grow spiritually, experience God’s love for us, and be used to win souls. We can expose our hearts to God, seek His direction, and undergo real soul healing via prayer.

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What are the benefits of prayer?

A strong and personal connection with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, can be made via prayer. It’s a wonderful chance to get to know Him better and develop a stronger relationship with Him. Even while Paul was imprisoned, his prayers were heard and granted (Philippians 1:19). Prayer may provide us solace in difficult circumstances, direction in perplexing ones, and power in frail ones.

Additionally, prayer can be utilized as a means for winning souls and as a way to witness to others. When we pray for individuals who are close to us, whether they be friends, family, or even strangers, it is an outward demonstration of the effectiveness of prayer. It gives us hope and strengthens our faith when we ask God to intervene in the lives of others and observe how He does so.

Additionally, prayer enables us to grow in Christlikeness. We learn more about His nature and how to live our lives in accordance with His will when we spend time conversing with Him. As we seek His direction and deepen our relationship with Him via prayer, we mature in grace.

When we learn to make prayer a priority each day, prayer aids in the development of our spiritual discipline. We develop a better ear for His voice and the prompting of His Holy Spirit as we consistently include it into our daily routine. Prayer invites us into God’s presence each day and creates new possibilities for us to experience His love and grace.

What are some tips for praying effectively?

Prayer is an incredibly powerful tool and an essential part of any soul-winning strategy. As Paul said when he was in chains, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). Here are some tips to help you pray effectively:

  1. Prepare your heart and mind. Before you start praying, take a few moments to get into the right frame of mind. Find a quiet place to pray where you can be alone and free from distraction. Ask God to help you focus and open your heart to Him. 
  2. Make it personal. Don’t just recite memorized prayers or read prewritten ones. Speak to God in your own words and make your prayer time personal. Talk to Him like you would a friend or family member. 
  3. Pray regularly. Set aside time every day to pray—whether it’s five minutes or an hour. It’s important to make prayer a part of your daily routine.
  4. Be persistent. When something is important to us, we don’t give up after the first try—and prayer should be no different. We should persistently seek God and continually bring our requests before Him.
  5. Listen for God’s voice. Prayer isn’t just about asking God for things; it’s also about listening for His guidance and direction. Take time to be still and listen for what God may have to say to you. 

By following these tips and committing to regular prayer, you will be able to pray effectively and develop a closer relationship with God.

What are some common obstacles to prayer?

In our fast-paced society, it might be simple to let our everyday responsibilities interfere with our time for soul-winning prayer. Setting aside the essential time for prayer becomes more challenging as our to-do lists grow longer and more complicated. In addition, it can frequently be challenging to maintain focus and a connection with God during prayer due to distractions like electronic gadgets, TV, and even our own thoughts.


Devotion to prayer can be difficult to maintain when faced with disappointment or a lack of results. Being faithful and hopeful in the face of adversity and uncertainty is not always simple. Remembering that Paul was imprisoned when he penned “Do not be worried about anything, but in every circumstance, through prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, submit your requests to God,” despite these challenges seems important (Philippians 4:6). Therefore, we should never stop praying and trusting in God’s will, even when we are facing the most difficult challenges and hurdles.


How can I know that God hears my prayers?

Knowing that God hears the prayers of His followers is incredibly comforting. After all, we are encouraged to pursue a strong connection with Him as Christians. But how can we be certain that He hears our prayers?

It is crucial to understand that everyone receives a different response from God when they pray. We can consider how God responded to the prayers of biblical figures like Paul and Silas, who were imprisoned when they asked for assistance and were set free. The Bible calls this demonstration of God’s might “soul winning.” When we pray for God’s will to be done, He might work miraculously for us just as He did for them.

God has promised to answer our prayers, therefore we are also confident that He does. The Lord is close to everyone who calls on Him and to everyone who calls on Him in truth, according to the Scriptures (Psalm 145:18). If we sincerely seek God, He will answer our prayers, according to His promise. We can find solace in the knowledge that God hears us and loves us enough to respond in the way He knows is best, even if we don’t get the response we’re looking for.


Finally, we may be certain that God hears our prayers because our lives show signs of it. We will start to see our prayers being answered and God’s will being accomplished when we spend time praying, listening for God’s voice, and carrying out the work He calls us to do. Although it may not always be the solution or time we were hoping for, it serves as a lovely reminder of how much our heavenly Father loves us and how diligently He works in our lives on a daily basis.…of-his-believers/ ‎

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