The Place of the Believers


The place of the believer’s is God presence, the place of the believer’s is your God given assignment, the place of the believer’s is the expression of the whole armour of God which includes Faith, character, love, prayers, soul winning, etc.

No matter the challenges of life don’t ever live your place as a believer’s. Paul was in chain, in prison, but remained in his place. Hannah was childless but kept going to Shiloh yearly and God gave her a child, 1 Samuel 1 & 2, and many others like Isaac, Joseph, Daniel, Sarah etc.

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Anytime you leave your place you suffer death, like Elimelech and her family who left to moab because of famine and continued there. You cannot stay in Moab and serve the God of Israel. To be out of God’s presence is to be out of his covering. Always stay in the reach of God and he will send help for you. Palsm 91:1-16.

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